Here I am Lord

Lord, I am here because of You,

Please teach me your ways.

Help follow  the right path,

And never regret my days.

When I stumble Father,

I know that you are there.

You help me not to falter Lord,

I know you will always care.


Sad and Heavy Hearts

Our hearts are heavy Father,

We come to you this day.

For your guidance and compasion Lord,

For this we ask and pray.

Ease our brothers' burdened hands,

And our sisters' troubled hearts.

Dry the small childs' endless tears,

May sorrow from them part.

Give them the strength that they will need,

The courage to go on.

Give us the moral courage Lard,

To help them, and be strong.


Rejoice in Life's Challenges

Dear Lord,

Please teach me to see the goodness of the rain,

The strengthening of my soul  in the searing heat of pain,

Give me the strength I need to fight off my natures foes

And dear Lord lift my spirits when I am overcome with woe.

Grant me your love Dear Father,

Show me a straight  and clearing  path,

Quench my thirst for a glorious future Lord

Help me never to regret or in sadness to look back.