I am available for the following services:

Weddings - A truly joyous occasion that is made special by the creation of a personalized ceremony that embodies all of the unique qualities of your relationship as a couple.

Renewal of Vows - After spending years as a married couple, creating a life together, celebrate the anniversay of your"beginnings" with a renewal of your promises to each other.

Ceremonies of Commitment - Being a couple , and letting friends and family share in your moment of joining,  a commitment to each other and your future, together.

Gathering Ceremonies - A way to express your faith  and  gather with family and friends to rejoice in that faith.   Ceremonies of Faith are not just for Sunday worship, but any day.

Baptisms and Infant Welcoming Ceremonies -    What better way to welcome a new life into the community of humanity than to bless the child and declare his or her name with friends, family and the Lord.

Ceremonies of Penence -  Heavy hearts can be less burdened by a declaration of confession.

Hospital Visits -  Often times a short visit to someone ill  in the hospital  can be up lifting, and reassures the individual  that they are not alone.

Funeral services - Bidding farewwell to a loved one or dear friend can be less painful at times when a kind word is spoken , memories of good times remembered or prayers are said.

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